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The 4R Problem

Cyber-crime is costing trillions worldwide and with a global skills shortage of 3.5 Million trained Cyber Security experts, transformation is required!



  • The threat actor has become more sophisticated and more prevalent 

  • Attacks are increasing in volume and intensity


Military veterans are intelligence driven and focussed on neutralising threats.



  • EU GDPR regulation puts the onus on businesses to adopt effective cyber security controls

  • No longer can organisations conceal breaches

  • Those in breach of GDPR face fines of up to 4% of global turnover


Military veterans are objective driven and understand strategy



  • Due to the global skills shortage, there is a huge demand for resources, resulting in higher salaries, a greater proportion of contract-to-hire roles and low retention rates

  • Aggressive headhunting is forcing lateral movement to other organisations


Military veterans are loyal and will stay longer within a company



  • There is currently 0% unemployment within Analyst roles in the UK

  • For every three roles posted only one application is being received from an experienced analyst

Military veterans are ready made, security cleared experts and are on-point to fill the gaps to serve on the front line of cyber defence.